CALOBA Statement on Texas SB 147, SB552, SB711, and HB2788 (March 28, 2023)

The Chinese American Lawyers of the Bay Area (CALOBA) strongly oppose the provisions of Texas Senate Bills 147, 552, and 711, and Texas House Bill 2788. These bills, as currently written, are discriminatory and target immigrants, refugees, and citizens from certain countries, including China, by prohibiting them from owning land, buying homes, or establishing businesses in Texas based on their family's country of migration.

By passing these bills, Texas would continue a legacy of anti-Asian racism and stereotypes that dates back over a hundred years. These bills echo the prejudiced Alien Land Laws that aimed to drive Asian immigrants from the United States by stripping them of their ability to buy homes and start businesses. Similar to earlier nativist movements, these bans would prevent Asian and other immigrants from establishing roots in Texas, making investments in their communities, and pursuing the American Dream.

We urge elected officials in Texas to reconsider these bills and ensure that Texas does not repeat a historic mistake rooted in fear and bigotry. We stand together with the affected communities in Texas to fight against discrimination in all its forms.